February 15, 2015
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Greetings from Chilly Stratford

Ok, the cold has settled in to remind us we are, indeed in Canada. It turns out that Centigrade and Fahrenheit converge around -44 and we are at that point, with the wind chill, here in Stratford. The snow banks are 3 feet high and our kitchen renovations are just about finished, with the addition of a spice cabinet in the wall that holds…. wait for it…..over 100 spices. All are filed alphabetically and finally in one cupboard that awaits the right trim to surround it.

Daniel built new headboards for the Citrine Room over the last few days, as the ones we had were a bit wimpy for a king sized bed/twin beds. Next I will cover them with foam and our upholsterer will make slip covers. Then we will add new drapes to the Citrine and Rose Quartz Rooms, as well as new room darkening shades.

I love the cheery kitchen with the green cupboards that stay ever so much cleaner than the old varnished ones did. Recipe books abound as I vet new ideas for this year’s breakfast menu. Expect creative fruit ideas this year. I welcome any ideas from others as well.

Hope all are staying warm as all the Eastern Seaboard and inland a bit seem to be in a deep freeze–the perfect time to pour another cup of tea and settle in with a good cookbook!



  • Returning Guest

    We are always so excited to start our next Stratford plans the minute we finish with the current one! We are looking forward to meeting you and appreciate all you are doing to make us feel welcome. We also can’t wait to see your work on the house. It’s wonderful to know that the house we have looked to as our home away from home is in your heart as well.