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Buy viagra online canada with mastercard, Can i buy viagra over the counter in amsterdam

If you are seeking Stratford Festival accommodations full of character and charm, you’ll find this in our three simple but elegant second-storey guest rooms – see below for brief descriptions and links to full details.

  • two of our guest rooms have remodelled ensuite baths
  • one has a remodelled private bath only five steps across the hall
  • custom linens
  • bath amenities
  • a blow dryer
  • luxurious bath sheets
  • Rooms are air-conditioned
  • free high speed WiFi
  • TV with DVD
  • iron and ironing board

Note to previous guests revisiting for the Stratford Festival or for explorations of our area: the first floor ensuite guest room has been annexed by Kelley and Daniel as a personal study, so we hope past guests who favoured that room will enjoy our second floor rooms.

Newly renovated and charming – I spent one night there recently while visiting friends in town. The B&B has just been renovated and is entirely charming. The new owners, Kelley and Daniel, are delightful hosts – knowledgeable about the town and this season’s festival, but respectful of privacy. The room itself had lovely little touches including beautiful lamps and linens. I would stay there again without hesitation. It’s also quieter and more peaceful than many I’ve stayed at in Stratford while still being within a short walk of the festivals. Make sure to keep room for the breakfast.” Helen, Toronto.