New Year’s resolution
January 22, 2015
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New Year’s resolution South side stone wall in winterSo, I have neglected the blog for way too long, but it is a New Year and we have many things in the works, some of which are photo worthy!

best place to buy provigil online First, the kitchen has had a makeover with all cabinets painted pale Victorian green and better storage added (which will allow Kelley to buy more little antique breakfast dishes). This means the house is in disarray on the first floor as they are installing today, but soon it will be a lighter, cleaner, lovely kitchen. Photos to follow later. Next, Daniel finished the side stone wall in November and I will add a snow covered picture here-it looks like it has been there for 100 years and we are thrilled with the first of three walls.  More to come once the snow melts. 

Kelley is busily looking for new ideas for breakfast for 2015.

Kelley is busily looking for new ideas for breakfast for 2015.

We also caved and bought a poster/print of Queen Elizabeth the first for the Parlour. Kelley, as an American is not thrilled with the whole royalty thing, but Daniel fell in love with the print at a B&B closing sale. So, you will see the Queen peering down at you in the guest parlour this year!

New chairs for some of the guest rooms should also add to your comfort when you stay this year and the Citrine Room is getting new headboards and a few enhancements in February and March, as well.

Happy New Year to all of you and we look forward to seeing you for a wonderful theatre season in 2015–the staircases for The Sound of Music are utterly amazing!


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    We are always so excited to start our next Stratford plans the minute we finish with the current one! We are looking forward to meeting you and appreciate all you are doing to make us feel welcome. We also can’t wait to see your work on the house. It’s wonderful to know that the house we have looked to as our home away from home is in your heart as well.