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Buy viagra online usa paypal, Buy cheap viagra online in canada

Buy viagra online usa paypal, Buy cheap viagra online in canada

Our Stratford Ontario accommodations include the Citrine Room which has one king or two twin bed(s) and an ensuite washroom with tub/shower. This is our largest room.$169 per night for two or more nights and $185 per night for a single night stay


  • decorated in Queen Anne style with two comfortable wing backed chairs and a floor lamp for reading
  • period Sanderson stencilling on the citrine coloured walls
  • a comfortable king-sized bed or twin beds, if you prefer; with two new upholstered/slipcovered headboards
  • soft overstuffed pillows and Matelasse quilts made in North America
  • woven imported handmade Belgian tapestry hangs over the bed
  • New England tree of life curtains
  • closet and dressing table in the washroom for ample clothing storage
  • wall mounted flat screen TV with DVD and basic cable access 

The spacious ensuite washroom includes:

  • a glassed in shower/tub combination
  • dressing table storage
  • a lady’s fainting stool
  • pedestal sink
  • closet and chest of drawers

Buy viagra online usa paypal, Buy cheap viagra online in canada

$169 per night for two or more nights and $185 per night for a single night stay

Please be sure to include in the notes or mention upon booking if you would prefer the king size bed or the two twin beds so we can have it ready upon your arrival.


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